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Asia -- Longeared owl
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Hello. Long time no see, people!

Anyway, I just wanted to share one thought that jumped on me tonight.
It's about "Naruto".

I started to watch it over 5 years ago. I was in the end of my frist year of univ and guy I was hanging out with told me about this anime. Way he explained me about Naruto whose father was Fourth Hokage and now he is dead and there is still Third Hokage and Naruto wants to be Hokage... I didn't get it. And that was time when we didn't know who was Naruto's father. There were around 50 episodes of Shippudden back then. And everyone thought that Tobi is Obito. Then of course he was Madara. I can't believe we were right back then.
Anyway, I decided to remind myself first opening. And I felt like my heart broke. Really, mood of opening, everything in there was so amazing. Now things are too clean. I feel so... I don't know, nostalgia? I have to admit that I don't feel this way with any other series. Or even books. 
I know, I could beat Kishimoto-san with broom and yell at him that he could do few things better, mostly because I'm detail freak and I also can have whole experiance destroyed by small thing. And guys who made fillers should be kicked out from their jobs and never come back. But... there is mood. There is amazing atmosphere, especially in the beginning. 
I still remember how was I going for the walk listening to openings and endings from "Naruto" (and Bleach, I watched them both at smilar time and I have big love for this series too, but it's still not the same). I used to imagine things from "Naruto" - stories, characters. I started to love Kabuto from first moment I saw him and this feeling never stopped. I created characters - my beloved team Ai, Shiro and Isamu - characters from what everything started - my serious writing. 
And - what is most important - I met my beloved friend because of this anime (manga soon enough, I just had to go on when I saw every episode to see if there is more Kabuto. I remember I was so sure to tell to that guy I hanged out that Kabuto will be final boss... I got that almost right!). Yeah, I meet beloved friend because of "Naruto". It's really amazing.

And yet I can say that things like that happened with different series. I started to write because of Harry Potter, had friends with who I was talking about the Witcher (I remember that I had pretty bad argument that were going on and on when we tried to decide if one of characters is lesbian or not). Now I even make people (around 30-40 years old women) to approciate Hunger Games and make children (over 15) see it. And read it. Both the best. Of course I mean they are teachers, not parents. Anyway, I had series that hold on me much. Yet I've never felt this way about anything else. 
I just love it. 
And I don't even talk about Kabuto. Not only Kabuto, at least. 
There is just amazing mood in it. 

So with this rant (made at 1 am while I'm catching cold. not fire, cold) I want to tell you that I'm working on Naruto fic. Actually, on AU. And since I have around 3 000 words and I'm heading to end of small part of it, soon I'll translate and work on more. I don't want to say too much about it, to not spoil anything. I can say one thing. It will be about Oto for sure. But remember, AU. Also, like most of my fic - first draft is actually what I post. 
Wish me good luck.
And if someone is interested, I can brag about fic by notes. If someone wants, you can send me private message. 

And for you, my deer people, I have assigment for you. Go and watch first opening and ending of "Naruto". And then write what do you feel about it.
This is the end of brag. Additionaly, find words from Beatles songs in this journal. There are at least two! Well, ones that I did put there on purpose. 
And Asia is out!

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